Starting A Therapy Practice

Sharon will walk you through the steps of of starting your own private practice. She will share tips she learned though her own mistakes and successes. From picking a name to opening the doors to your first client.  Through step-by-step videos, targeted assignments and a dedicated Facebook group with weekly, live check-ins with Sharon, you will finish the course confident in your ability to start your own practice.

UNDONE: Hope for Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse

This course was created to support you as a Christian, mental health professional and your client recovering from childhood sexual abuse. The 13 segments will walk you through how to implement the scripture-based curriculum designed to promote healing and restoration for your clients in a small group setting. In addition, your clients will be able to login and access the client version of the material. Topics covered include:

WEEK 1:      Writing a New Story
WEEK 2:      Freedom from Obstacles
WEEK 3:      Taking Off My Mask
WEEKS 4-6: Sharing My Trauma Story
WEEK 7:      Does God Love Me?
WEEK 8:      Guilt & Shame
WEEK 9:      Who Can I Trust?
WEEK 10:    Vows & Judgments
WEEK 11:    Forgiveness
WEEK 12:    Real Love
WEEK 13:    Renewal & Redemption: Restoring the Child Within


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