Nancy Brito, MA, LMFTA


“Trauma” happens when a situation or an event overwhelms a person’s ability to cope, when the mind, the body, or the spirit shuts down or goes offline in order to get through the moment. Amazingly, while we may not have clear and whole memories of the event, the mind, the body, and the spirit have a memory of their own. Because of this, they can develop ways of seeing, relating, and experiencing the world that make life difficult.

For me, becoming a therapist and a trauma specialist grew out of my love for people and out of my own experience navigating some of the complexities of trauma. I believe that pain and problems in life are real and important. But I believe that hope and healing are too.

Therapy is a big step and one that rarely comes easily. So as a therapist, my approach is gentle. I want to listen and to move at your pace, understanding the unique and personal dynamics that make up your story and your current reality. I want to accompany you in the sorrow and hold onto what is good, even when it seems lost. Then I want to work with you to re-author your story and begin to explore a new chapter of life with freedom and peace. To do this, I use methods like EMDR and Narrative Therapy. Additionally, I believe that people are body, mind, and spirit. So, I will also incorporate spirituality and faith-based approaches if this is of interest.

Your story can unfold in a new way. I would love to walk with you and support you as you explore a new chapter.

También hablo español y puedo procesar con usted en el idioma de su mente y corazón—sea inglés, español, o alguna combinación de ambos.



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