AAMFT Supervision

Supervision and Support

Sharon is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor.

At heart, she is a Narrative therapist, so her supervision style matches that approach. Her goal is to provide training and guidance while you grow as a Marriage and Family Therapist in alignment with your story. What motivates you? What life stories do you bring to therapy that enhance and perhaps impede your client work? How can she nurture the positives you offer your clients?

If you’d like to chat more about supervision services, please contact Sharon here.

Rates are $100.00/hour of individual supervision. If you want to share supervision time with one other person, it still qualifies as individual supervision with AAMFT and your portion of the fee will be $65.00/hour.

Welcome to the world of Marriage and Family Therapy. We’re so glad you are part of the family!


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