By clicking on this page, my guess is you wonder what a Trauma Recovery Coach is and, perhaps, can I benefit from one.

The first thing to address is what trauma recovery coaching is not. It is not therapy. Therapists diagnose and treat mental disorders.

Trauma therapists diagnose and treat PTSD, C-PTSD (hyperlink to Dust in my Pockets blog post) and other disorders associated with trauma such as anxiety and depression.

The impact of trauma reaches far beyond diagnosis and treatment and that’s where a Trauma Recovery Coach comes in. I am a trauma-informed life coach. I understand that trauma impacts all aspects of life and post-trauma therapy clients need specialized support.

A traditional life coach helps clients set goals, come up with a plan to carry out goals and then serves as an accountability partner.

Everyone has goals and many seek help from a professional to sort through choices and priorities and enact a plan. For most the path is set, point A to point B then point C. A trauma survivor’s path is an obstacle course. Requiring a climb over or under distrust, low self-esteem, skepticism, fear of abandonment, shame, self-judgment. An exhausting journey with frequent rest stops and internal self- talks.

I’m the rest station attendant and head cheerleader. Here’s how I see my job as your Trauma Recovery Coach:

  • I work with you to set goals and create a plan. The A to B to C plan. Because goals and plans are important.
  • I’m in the pauses. The rest stops of your journey. I come alongside you and teach you skills and give you tools to climb over the obstacles.
  • I’m your loud, proud, enthusiastic cheerleader.  I understand. Truly understand because I am you—a survivor of childhood and adult sexual abuse. I believe in you. Someone believed in me and it made all the difference. Trauma is not the whole of you. You are not defined by what someone else did to you. You are so much more. And, I’ll remind you of it. Frequently.
  • I’ll support you when you go off course. And you will go off course, we all do.

Can I just say, I’m already proud of you. You’re exploring options. Pondering what life on the other side of the obstacle course looks like. Some days it takes courage to put one foot in front of the other let alone open a random stranger’s webpage and read to this point.

If you’re ready to take the next step and speak with me via phone or video, please complete the form below and schedule your free 20-minute consultation. Hopefully, we will chat soon. I can’t wait to meet you.

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