Childhood Sexual Abuse, Family, Relationships, Trauma

Intergenerational Trauma

I don’t know all of what happened. I just know that it was significant.  Both sides of my family are secret keepers—much of my family history I learned as an adult. And, much of it is traumatic. My maternal grandfather isn’t my biological grandfather. My mother’s father left her, and my grandmother, when she was one-year-old. My grandmother...

Childhood Sexual Abuse, Self-worth, Trauma

Come Home

I’m currently reading Emily P. Freeman’s book “The Next Right Thing.”  Every chapter, therapy for me. Even therapists need therapy—a gentle reminder that all of the things I tell my clients about hope, grace, forgiveness, authenticity and vulnerability, apply to me too. Her words a soothing balm for the battered and ignored places in...

Childhood Sexual Abuse

My Trauma Reading List

Reading is my favorite thing.  When younger I read mostly fiction, both classic and modern.  Little Women by Louisa May Alcott will forever be my favorite.  Jo March is my hero. Over the last few years my focus shifted to books on trauma. The following is not inclusive of all the great books I’ve read but; they are special for various...

Childhood Sexual Abuse, Self-worth

Dust in my Pockets

Trauma, especially childhood sexual trauma, tells us we are broken beyond repair—damaged, flawed and unworthy.  We classify childhood sexual abuse (CSA) as Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD).  C-PTSD differs from PTSD in several important ways; most related to our identity.  C-PTSD attacks our core—how we feel about...

Physical Health

Trauma and the Body

Trauma memory resides in the body.  Our bodies act like the event is still happening even though it is in the past. Because the trauma is “stuck” in the body there are a host of physical symptoms and implications for harm that occur. Dr. Peter Levine, a leading trauma expert, discusses throughout his work the difference between animal and...

Childhood Sexual Abuse, Relationships

You Can’t Go It Alone

Childhood sexual abuse happens within a relationship and must be healed within a relationship.  As children we rely on our parents or guardians to meet our need for food, shelter, love, affection, and protection.  Child faith—complete trust in adults is instinctual, hard-wired in our DNA.  Born with no control, no shut-off...

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