Alyssa Weaver, LMFTA

Do you ever feel disconnected from life or loved ones, or find yourself constantly reacting to those around you? Do you find that you don’t feel like yourself but can’t seem to figure out why?

You may have unhealed trauma. Trauma is just a fancy word meaning ‘wound.’ Similar to physical trauma, emotional wounds exist in our mind and body. So no, you are not ‘crazy.’ Unhealed trauma can lead us to hold negative stories about ourselves, others, and even God. Maybe you feel frozen in one aspect of your story and wonder why you can’t ‘just move on’ from something that happened to you.

As a trauma therapist, I use talk therapy informed by neuroscience to help you experience all aspects of healing – mind and body. I offer a Christian faith-based perspective for those that desire it. I also work with those with different faith perspectives or no faith perspective at all.

I use methods found in attachment theory, narrative therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy to help you untangle your story. I have been on the other side of therapy and I know what it feels like to sit in your seat and experience profound healing. It can be scary, but you are so brave for considering the first step!

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